"The Sentinel"

9"x 12"   Graphite   $350   USD

​This little fellow was on duty at the main gate to a ranch.  He was keeping watch on things from the cedar post archway above the gate...

"Portal Through Time"

​10.5"x 15"   Graphite   $600   USD

​This is another photo by Marian Kalka.  The difficult thing for me was to give the floor that reflective look it gets from years of feet and shoes burnishing it to a shine.

"Crowded in the Chute"

​14"x 20"   Graphite   $1100   USD

​Years ago, before insurance and safety regulations, rodeo chutes were often crowded with competitors, folks working the rodeo, livestock owners, and general people hanging out to get closer to the action.  This is an unusual angle to give you a glimpse of what a rodeo from the 1940's or 50's looked like behind the scenes...

​"Hold Him Still"

​17"x 23"   Graphite   $1600   USD

​A trio of West Texas cowboys plying their trade in the 1930's...