11"x 15"   Graphite   $850   USD

​This piece was done from a photograph I took on a creek that runs through downtown in Belton, TX.  The undulating water and shadows give the piece a "greasy" look, which I found irresistible not to draw...

"What My Eyes Have Seen"

​16"x 22"   Graphite   $1600   USD

​While trying to name this piece, the look of resignation on this man's face, spoke to me.  During his lifetime, he witnessed the fall of his people, the Iron Horse encroach on his hunting grounds, and the constant tide of the white man into his world.... 

"First Day of Spring"

​11"x 15"   Graphite   $850   USD

​On the Great Plains, Mother Nature doesn't always follow a calendar.  This piece depicts such a day, when a blizzard pre-empts the first day of Spring for one buffalo...

"Spur of the Moment"

16"x 22"   Graphite   $1400   USD

​This piece was inspired by a pair of tarnished spurs.  I suggested the owner polish them up.  He replied that they were his current "working" pair, that he would polish them in the future...

"Windmill and Sky"

​16"x 22"   Graphite   $1400   USD


​Sometimes when presenting something unusual or an unusual angle, it is hard to convey what the viewer is seeing.  If the viewer has trouble identifying it, they won't like it.  To solve this, sometimes the title is the only way to describe the subject of the piece.  That is the case here.  While it is a windmill, the sad shape it is in, plus the angle required a descriptive title for this piece...

​​​​​"Burnin' Horns"


12"x 16"  Graphite  $975  USD  

​This piece is of a group of 1930's West Texas cowboys "Burnin' Horns"​.  A calf had its horns cut off and then the cowboys would cauterize the horn with a hot iron rod.  A salve was then applied to the area to keep flies off...

"The Look of Anger"

​12"x 16"   Graphite   $900   USD


​While photographing a rodeo, I saw something flash across my viewfinder.  Without bringing my camera down I turned to see this fellow on a fencepost nearby.  I snapped off a quick shot and he was gone.  His expression wrote the title...



11"x 14"   Graphite   $750   USD

​When photographing wildlife for reference pieces for my art, it is common for them to perceive the lens as an eye looking at them and a threat.  Usually afterwards they flee.  But not this young lady.  She seemed to be quite alright with having her picture taken.