"F Bar Chord"

15"x 20.5"  Graphite  $1100  US

While not in keeping with the types of themes I normally draw, this one crept in because of a commission.  I did two pieces for a Hand Surgeon to pick from, this one and another of a hand playing a chord on the piano.  The good Doctor choose the piano, leaving me to try and find a good home for this one...

"Leather and Denim"

15"x 21"   Graphite   $1500   USD

​This is a piece dear to my heart.  It is taken from a photograph by noted Photographer Marian Kalka.  It was taken at a rodeo when a young barrel racer mosied up beside her, kicked back and put her boots up on the fence.

"Morning Prayer"


15"x 22"   Graphite   $1500  USD   

​Many a cowboy has stepped out of the bunkhouse at the beginning of the day and uttered a small prayer for the day to be a safe one.  This is what I envisioned for this 1930's West Texas cowboy.  

(In 2018 this piece was the only Western artwork selected for the prestigious ART COMES ALIVE! Award Show and Sale in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It sold to a gentleman from Montana the night of the award show, where I won the "Emerging Artist of 2018" award.)

"Tucked Away"​

12"x 16"   Graphite   $900   USD


​Working from a photograph I took, this piece was a strange juxtaposition of the spiky leaves of a Sotol plant and the delicate flower growing up through them.

​"Handsome Dan"

14"x 20"   Graphite   $1200   USD

​This piece was titled "Golden Boy" originally.  The title "Handsome Dan" popped into my mind for an entry to an art show and it stuck...  

​"River Hunter"

16"x 22"   Graphite   $1300   USD

​This piece was taken from a photograph I took on the Brazos River at Kimball's Bend of the old Chisolm Trail.  The morning was cool and foggy with only myself and this fellow to share it.  He stood motionless for what seemed an eternity before moving to a new vantage point...

"The White Queen"

12"x 16"  Graphite   $800   USD

This is a native Texas wildflower, the White Prickly Poppy.  It is about 5" across and usually has only one to three blooms per plant.  Compared to other wildlfowers they are not very prolific.  But they make up for lack of numbers with an overabundance of beauty...

​"Little Boy Blue"

​16"x 22"   Graphite    $1600   USD

​This piece was inspired by a series of photographs from Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, and Colorado taken during the height of the Dust Bowl era. By the time I finished, I wondered if it was being shy or a type of resignation coming through....