​About the Artist...

    ​Tim Goss is a multi-award winning artist working in Graphite pencil.  From his studio in Johnson County, Texas, Tim works with a variety of subject matter.  Cowboys and Birds, Horses and Wildflowers, Native Americans and Barns, and anything rural that catches his eye.  Working from archival and self-shot photography, Tim has built up a reputation as an artist rising on the national art scene.  Tim was selected the "2018 Emerging Artist of the Year" at the ART COMES ALIVE! Awards in Cincinnati, Ohio.  He was also awarded an "Honorable Mention for Outstanding Drawing" in the International 2018 Paid Artist competition. Tim has also been selected to numerous prestigious art shows around the country like the American Plains Artists Show and Sale, The Bosque Art Classic, AET COMES ALIVE! Award Show & Sale, Stars of Texas Art Show, Rio Brazos Art Exhibition, Richardson Civic Art Society Art Show (Dallas, TX),  and more.  In addition to art shows, Tim has also had several one man and group shows in museums and art centers throughout Texas.

​    Tim is a self-taught artist without any formal art training.  He started drawing after he was deemed totally disabled following a debilitating Traumatic Brain Injury.  Unable to care for himself, Tim's family moved him to Bosque County from Ft. Worth, TX in 2010.  Migraine headaches, vertigo, nausea, light and noise sensitivity kept Tim bed-ridden in a blacked out room for months.  It was at this point that Tim began to draw.  Starting slowly and gradually working up to 8 hours a day, Tim began to see improvement in his artwork and in his health.  By 2012, Tim had recovered enough to be able to care for himself and drive short distances.  People began to ask Tim if he would sell his artwork and in August of 2012 Tim became a professional artist.

    ​Due to not having formal training, Tim learned to draw through trial and error.  At one point Tim sought out the help of a well-known artist in Bosque County to learn to be a better artist.  The artist told Tim that he was progressing rapidly and developing his own style, that a teacher might inadvertently stunt his growth as an artist.  So Tim forged on honing his craft and developed a raw, gritty style that compliments the types of subject matter he is famous for....

         "I think many people are not enjoying the benefits of viewing Fine Art because

      they believe that you need some training or a college art appreciation class to

      understand it.  That is a real shame.  I believe that if you like a piece of artwork

      and wouldn't mind seeing it again, that you understand it well enough.  It's just

      that simple.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder after all..."